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Unlike Alzheimer's, rates of Denialzeimer's are historically stable although modern consequences of the disease threaten greater destructive political and environmental impact due to globalization and technology.

DD is a form of progressive mental deterioration occurring as early as adolescence and marked by degeneration of the ability to discern disinformation. It is the commonest cause of preventable disaster, water privatization, and hedge fund scandals.

The most noticeable deficit in the first stage of the disease is an inability to retain facts that contradict a firmly held and almost invariably institutionalized belief system.

During interim stages, behavioral and mental changes are more prevalent as sufferers become increasingly intolerant towards those who disagree which can cause social factionalizing and clusterfucks. Common manifestations are wandering around local shopping facilities muttering profanities at ethnic minorities.

During final stages of the disease, individuals with DD may show tendencies to shout "That's not what my doctor says!", “Those people just want handouts!","If that were true it would have been on the news!"
There are competing hypotheses on causes of DD though it's generally agreed that Citizens United legislation is contributory. Genetic theories for DD are not well founded though accepting salary, dividends, speaking fees, campaign donations or health advice from corrupt industries are risk factors.
When Dad died of Denialzheimer's, the coroner reported high levels of aluminum in his brain but didn't know if this was caused by ambient exposure, diet or from smashing beer cans against his head and screaming whenever he saw electric car ads or football players taking a knee.
by Ember1111 May 18, 2018
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