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Lit. 'To chisel (or strongly work) the Jew', this jocular German term denotes active or passive cunnilingus. Here 'Juden' or 'Jew' is a playful 'forked-tongue' slang commonly applied throughout Greater Germany to the clitoris, based on the smaller mean size of the Asiatic 'Judenschwanz' or Jewish Penis as compared to the North European German Penis. Thus, the term is directly based on the Jewish Small Penis Stereotype, which is very deep-rooted in Europe & has been popularised in North America by Woody Allen, Howard Stern, Bernard Madoff, Adam Sandler (cf. 'Funny People') & Lisa Lampanelli.

As scholar K Reiskel records, this term, & its dialectal variant 'Den Juden stemma', connotes either receptive irrumation or active fellation of the clitoris: "Jud, der, Klitoris. Redensart: Am Jud'n spiel'n. Den Jud'n stemma, fellare vel irrumare clitorem." - 'Idioticon Viennense eroticum' K Reiskel. Anthropophyteia {Deutsche Verlagaktiengesellschaft} Vol II (1905) p 1f: p 9.
1) This term is recorded in the biography of the famed South Germanic courtezan Josephine Mutzenbacher: "den Juden stemmen «clitorem lambere» {to lick or lap the clitoris}. in den keller gehen «fellare» oder «lambere vulvam»." - 'Josefine Mutzenbacher: Die Lebensgeschichte einer wienerischen Dirne, von ihr selbst erzählt' Felix Salten. ed Oswald Wiener. Reinbek bei Hamburg {Germany} : Rowohlt, 1978, p 183.

2) Carsten: Mein Weib immer zwängt mich, Ihr an den Juden zu stemmen (My wife always forces me to lick her clit)

3) Dame von Klembitz: Mein Mann muß mir immer den Juden stemmen! (My husband always has to suck my penis feminis)

4) Kristina: Kannst Du mir den Juden stemmen? (Can you lick my clit?)

5) Jens: Heute Nacht werde Ich Ihr den Juden stemmen. (Tonight I will suck her love-bud)

6) Hans: Ich möge einer Dame den Juden zu stemmen, gerade nachdem Sie gepinkelt hat! (I love to lick a lady's clit, right after she has pissed)
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