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Demonic apperition the apperition of a demon. humans will think its a ghost because of the havoc that has happened in the places they have haunted such as: many murders or violent acts of crime. That is how the demon survives feeding off of the bad emotions of humans demons will also attack you if you are iterfering with their territory you will receive scratches that look like talon marks you may also get burn marks or be knocked out.
My warning to all of you.
demonic apperition A man became enraged for no reason so he killed the first person he saw unluckly it was his best friend. when he woke from his trance he was arrested when every one saw he was disturbed they put him in a mental ward. you can hear him scream every night because the demon liked him and followed him, haunted his dreams, and sometimes his real vision no one ever beleived him.
by Heart Broken </3 August 22, 2010
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