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Demi meaning that you only experience romantic/sexual attraction once a strong emotional bond has been formed. Demi-romantic people don't get crushes on people they've known for a day or two. You become friends first and then possibly develop a crush on them.

Polyromantic meaning attracted to more than two genders, but not all of them. Someone could be romantically attracted to all genders except for males and be polyromantic. Identifying as polyromantic implies that your romantic orientation isn't the same as your sexual orientation

Asexual meaning does not experience sexual attraction. This, however, means you can still experience romantic attraction. Asexuality is also the lack of desire to preform sexual acts. But, there can be sex-positive, sex-neutral, and sex-repulsed asexuals. Sex-positive asexuals like sex but still don't experience sexual attraction. Someone could like the physicality of sex or could think it's a good way to pass time. Sex-neutral asexuals would have sex to please their partner but couldn't careless is they had sex or not. Sex-repulsed asexuals do not like sex and they would not want to have sex whether their partner wants to or not. Some sex repulsed asexuals even hate the thought of sex.
by Catherine LaClaire December 05, 2017
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