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Demi-Lee is a girl who is strong but also sensitive. She is super athletic and super funny. She is honest and pure and one of the best friends anyone could ever have. Demis are supportive and great listeners. They are unique and original and they don't mind being different, in fact they hate blending in and they don't care about their popularity status. Demi-Lees are stunning, kind, gorgeous and all around great people. If you fortunate enough to have a Demi-Lee as your friend never let her go.
by Ashberry August 16, 2017
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Someone that try’s to do everything right by everyone, they are empathetic and will listen without judgement. A Demi-lee would give you the shirt off their backs if you are considered one of her friends. Demi-lee’s can be a drama queen and a diva but people love them for it. She may look and act a bit like a tomboy but she is not a lesbian. She loves the D but a demi-lee doesn’t ho herself around and especially NOT to bellends. If you ever get the chance to meet a demi-lee be nice, they are sensitive and funny but they also wear horns and can ruin lives.
Omg have you seen that girl? She is so nice and cool.That’s a total demi-lee. ;)
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by SheCanReadxoxoxox March 14, 2018
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A Demi-lee is one of the most confident girls your will ever meet! She is so caring, loving and all round a grate person. You will create the best memories with a Demi-Lee in your life. A Demi-Lee is daring and will be up for anything just for a laugh. However Demi-Lee’s have been through hell and back and tend to suffer in silence. They always put people before themselves and makes sure others smile before she dose. You should definitely have a Demi-Lee in your life.
“Demi-Lee is the most funniest person I know
by Funtimes245 August 18, 2019
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Someone that is very annoying and enjoys playing with lesbians. Doesn't like D*ck but likes to be a bitch sometimes. Can be funny although just doesn't stop complaining about the smallest things in life.
That girl is a lesbian. That's a total Demilee
by SmallVegetableMan November 04, 2017
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