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Delteria originates from an online community in 1996. The Delteria was an extremely elitist group of website hackers, whose purpose was to plague the sugarcoated parts of the Internet. Focused on bringing pornographic and inappropriate material into business and entertainment sites, the Delteria contaminated site by site. Eventually, the hackers of the Delteria became uninterested in continuing their notorious hobby of hacking and were led into the life of online gaming. In gaming, the members of the Delteria became known through their hidden and subtle ways of abusing and cheating. It is unknown if any members of the original Delteria still continue to hack or even explore the internet.

The lack of the Delteria's popularity and prescence is majorly due to the fact that they never hacked into any large companies or foundations. Also, the group of hackers never officially named themselves until their days of gaming.
'The Delteria just hacked into my online information thesis about docile pandas!' - Wayne Camrhyne, 1998
by OnlyMatthew January 15, 2007
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