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A man living in your dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming. He is your undefeated hero and you fear nothing when he is near. Dellucid is known to come and go from these dreams, although he is always in the same place. Waiting to rescue you from your nightmares, calm your fears, and watch over you while you find your way back to your peaceful dreaming. He is perfection in every way. He possesses many powers and never uses them to his own personal advantage. His smile instantly defines his genuine feelings. This is a trait he does not know how to fake. The strongest of his powers is that he is, in fact, real. But Dellucid is so amazingly perfect that he causes you to think you are having an indescribable, Lucid Dream, when in reality, this man of your dreams, is really your best friend, playing xbox like a kid, keeping his true identity disguised behind the friendzone wall you built around him. When "awake", he seems far from a hero, and more like your average, arrogant, standoffish, smartass, best guy-friend. This is only his disguise. Dellucid may chose to live in your dreams forever, saving you, protecting you, loving you til time ends... But keep in mind, thats in your dreams. She is out there, somewhere, and she is aware that she is not dreaming. And all the things Dellucid has done, she does for him in return. Your Dellucid will fade away without you noticing, until its too late. And the only place you'll find him is in your dreams.
He was my Dellucid and I didn't realize it until it was too late. πŸ’”
by pixidust November 07, 2014
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