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1. A person who thinks a degree means he's universally better then those who do not have one, and his thoughts are universally of higher quality in most if not all ways. i.e. An inflated sense of intellectual and societal worth. Hence he or she is a retard.
Regular person: Makes a profound true statement, scientific discovery, solution to an important problem educated people have not been able to crack that ruffles their feathers (social status worship).

Degreetards respond: "What's your level of education? I can't believe it coming from a 'dirty' uneducated whelp like you! What you say is totaly invalid, you have not been officiated by the priests (teachers, universities, etc) of society!"

Joe: Socrates is that man's question relevant to whether something is logically true?

Socrates: Indeed it is not.

Joe: Then if it is not relevant to whether statements are logically true, do I have to acknowledge it, if it is not relevant to ascertaining truth?

Socrates: As truth exists independently of the observer and their credentials, it is not relevant.

Joe: Indeed it is a silly statement.

Socrates: This is a silly definition.

Joe: Damn, I must admit, that's true! :)
by Zachary_Du December 15, 2007
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