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A phrase often used to sound like you are asking someone to do something kinky to you.More common than not,it is said to celebrities.Althought it sounds like a want to fufil a strange sexual urge it is not.If you wish to creep some out this the sentence to use.
@crankthatfrank deflate me daddy.
by Letmeexplaintoyouathing October 17, 2015
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CrankthatFrank is a Youtuber and in a video called I'M GOING WHERE he said that he's Tortoro hat makes his head look like a balloon.

Still he himself does not have any definition for this word except that it has something to do with a balloon. Though it may just be a kinky Dan and Phil thing now dealing with the fact that Frank is a phangirl or how your head resembles a balloon while wearing a hat.
"My head looks like a balloon. Deflate we Daddy."

"I hope nobody writes a phanfiction based on the Deflate Me Daddy. The Hat fic was too much."

CrankthatFrank Phanfiction Amazingphil Danisnotonfire The Hat fic
by MusicGeek69 October 13, 2015
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