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An elite task force of ytmnders who hack, spam, and harass any sites that steal content from another. The ytmnd DOTIs have many allies, including folks from albino black sheep, 4chan (who, ironically, ytmnd gets most of its content from but notably not stolen), and occasionally a few other sites.

To be a defender of the internet is a great honor, even though any ytmnder can join. The DOTIs have their most power from raiding forums, and, in a few instances, causing them to crash. Often times ytmnders will reward themselves for their good deeds by causing tiny, defenseless, forums to crash for the fun of the hunt.

Most notable Defender of the internets victories include their causing of the forums to collapse, due to excessive posting and account creation. This was an amazing victory all across the internet, for is known for its excessive media stealing.
Another victory was the myspace-ytmnd war, in which the bastards at the Myspace Award Center stole a ytmnd icon and slapped a new name on it, claiming it to be their own. The elite DOTI hack taskforce, thankfully, hacked the side and slapped a big victory banner over the entire screen, in the form of the icon that had been stolen, with "Ytmnd LOL" written over it.

But one thing must be known about the defenders of the internets. If anything is ever stolen, you can call on them to get retribution.
Ebaum stole my video, ill call the defenders of the internets!
by nono yawns November 09, 2007
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