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Art making or artwork which is created intuitively (and initially believed to be created without concept) but upon completion of the artwork, the work does express a cohesive idea or concept. This form of art making (or design) is associated with process art, wherein the artist begins making work and by project completion the artwork or design series embodies a unified (cohesive) concept. Deconceptual work is art, craft, or design produced by a seasoned maker with years of practice (not to be confused with naive art making by unpracticed artists). Deconceptual art, craft, and design (where concept is attributed after creation) should hold up under rigorous deconstruction. Related words include: Deconceptual Art, deconceptualism, deconcept design, deconceptualize, post deconceptual, neo-deconceptualist, graphic deconceptualism
"Do you mind if we peruse... Huge fans of the Neo-Deonceptualists," said Sherlock. "Neo-Deconceptualists? Not a thing," said Watson. "Don't tell Fabiana, it might crush her," said Sherlock. Elementary, Season 2, Episode 11, "Internal Audit"
by whitegraph December 15, 2013
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