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the process of streamlining and rendering less time consuming the complex steps involved in navigating within the virtual environment of various types of electronic interfaces whose designs are heavily reliant upon drop-downs, pop up windows, text field data completion and other time consuming actions. These interfaces are all put forth as being more efficient mechanisms of managing, storing and retrieving information, but in reality take more time to negotiate due to all the clicks and data entry steps that these design features require of the user. Declickification mechanisms include removing or bypassing unnecessary steps by finding more efficient ways of achieving the same end, by using macro's to automate repetitive monotonous data input and navigation steps,or by eliminating steps all together because they are deemed of no use or value to the system goals.
The manager used an alternative workflow to get the information sent to that department which involved only using two buttons on the order sheet. this was heralded as a successful act of DECLICKIFICATION.
by RUFFMD January 09, 2012
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