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The legal and moral philosophy in the United States of America which proclaims that the first law enacted by the American Congress is the Declaration of Independence and that the principles set forth within this document are legally the defining factor for all aspects of American government. Declarationism holds the perception that all people are entitled to dignity through Natural-Divine Law, which guarantees the rights to Equality, Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and Government by Consent (or just consent). Declarationism also recognizes that these rights belong to all people, not just U.S. Citizens.

Divinity, God, is recognized as existing yet encompasses and transcends the perceptions of the world's religions, including Atheism (i.e. all hold parts of the same truth.) Thus "God" is the force that causes things to exist rather it be by Intelligent Design Theory, Big Bang Theory, Innate Intelligence or other means.
Both the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written using Declarationism.
by SPuebla June 10, 2016
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