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A deceptar is a person who uploads deceptive avatars of themselves onto social networking and dating sites (ie. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, eHarmony, and so forth). Usually deceptars upload flattering pictures to appeal to their networks; and to gain more friends, followers, connections, etc. The photos are in no way a true reflection of how that person looks like.

There are three kinds of deceptars:
1) Those who only upload photos that are taken from a certain angle or complimenting lighting. They are also guilty of uploading photoshopped images.
2) Those who hide the effects of time by uploading a photo taken 5+ years ago. The extreme deceptars upload photos taken 20+ years ago; this is more prevalent on dating sites.
3) Those who strategically hide their faces by wearing big glasses, scarves or other accessories and props.
Guy 1: Yo, I met a girl from Twitter because her profile picture was so hot. But she turned out to be a total monster.

Guy 2: Dude, she's such a DECEPTAR!!!!!!!
by anthubc2010-deceptar October 07, 2010
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