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a person who bounces his debt on any other people (even not related people) to avoid his own debt responsibilities ,

usually they insist other person has the money and will give it back

these type of people are usually absolute loosers in life in general and owe money to everyone, so they borrow money from other people to give their old debts back and they are always stuck in a debt circle and lies
a: hey jack, do you have that 50 you owe me ?
j: oh yes yes, tommy owes me 50, you can take it from him
a: i dont know tommy is, stop bouncing your debts bitch

a: hey tommi, jack said you owe him 50, he owes me so you can give it to me
t: ah fuck, jack is a debt bouncer dont trust him, i gave the cash to him last week
by ArnieeeK March 02, 2017
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