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1.that random time of the day when your heart stops beating and you skip like ten heart beats and you cant breathe because some one you totally adored / loved just popped up in your mind or when you run into them at a social gathering, place of employment, or school.
2. whenever something reminds you of the one who meant everything to you and brings reality crushing down on you killing you slowly

*three friends are walking

guy 1: so yea and then i'm like......
*girl walks by
guy 2: hey dude why'd you stop?
guy 3: shit! its death'oclock
guy 2: huh?
guy3: that chick meant everything to him


dude: she loved law and order special victims unit!
bro: dude! get over it! death'o clock was 5 minutes ago when you saw a post on facebook about her and a hour before that! when you kept agreeing with me about wat you like so much about skittles!
by beatskipper February 01, 2011
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