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A spell utilized by warlocks in World of Warcraft which many consider imbalanced since recent changes in its cooldown and effects.

Death coil is also used by Death Knights in Warcraft III. It is sometimes considered imbalanced there, too. Go figure.
OMG I almost got away and then BAM - death coil... wtf...
by wtfpancake February 06, 2006
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Deathcoil is when one punches a girl in the tits and then runs off. It's based on the World of Warcraft spell Death Coil, which deals damage causes your opponent to be helpless for several seconds.
Betty was being a bitch, so Tim deathcoiled her.
by JikcepIV May 18, 2007
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In World of Warcraft, a warlock ability that usually allows the warlock to win in any situation against another single player. Drains 500 from the target, causes the target to run away for 3 seconds (cannot be stopped by anti-fear effects like Will of the Foresaken), and give the warlock the ability to start a chain fear.
by gnomelock September 05, 2006
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The act of punching a girl/woman in the breast while yelling "Death Coil!". This came out of the World of Warcraft sub-culture. In the World of Warcraft the spell steals an amount of life along with making the target free in terror for three seconds.
Katie was used to getting death coiled by John, but when John death coiled Amanda he was slapped.
by S. Colton March 24, 2008
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