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A small 'multicultural' area in bolton that is full of fat racist white men and muslims who can't drive. It stinks of curry constantly and is mainly just a muslim community therefore all the shops are more suited for muslims. You won't ever be short of a takeaway although they're all shit. There's quite a large chav population however they aren't on the same level as those you'd find in kearsley and farnworth. Contrary to popular belief, deane isn't actually a 'rough' area and you'll be safe walking the streets at any time of day or night and generally the people are quite nice. i'd probably avoid the willows area though.

also everyone loves the local smackhead chigger! pete charnock is a fucking god!
'I was thinking of driving down to deane (bolton) to visit family today'
'Make sure you avoid daubhill!'
by sssssssssssssssssssssssocks September 18, 2011
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