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When an overbearing, powerful or dangerous figure is dead, or alternatively when someone has lost their fear of life, others, and their own limitations, via life experience and wisdom (most often a single guy in his 30s or 40s) so is therefore unpredictable in his own way and cool, and is as likely to stand up and help the underdog or unlock the genius of others as he is doing something edgy, hurtful or confusing. The 'lion' in this case is/was his place in society, which he has in some regards abandoned or transcended while still being a vibrant and potentially threatening figure with it.
Bye-bye Saddam Hussein. That lion be dead.

Alternatively, for the living: Did you see Paddy Considine in that Dead Man's Shoes film? That one muckerfucking scary but cool Dead Lion.
by DeadLion September 26, 2013
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