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"De-hyphenation" or, more accurately, “de hyphenation” is the act of detoxification after a night of heavy consumption of Hyphy Juice. In its purest form, de hyphenation consists of consuming large quantities of Taco Bell cheesy bean burritos. This terminology is rumored to have been popularized by the nocturnal activities of several Vanderbilt University Law students who have close ties to the Yay Area underground hip hop movement. Use of the phraseology has been adopted on the west side and is becoming increasingly popular as a description of the activities in which hip hoppers and law students engage after getting NorCal crunk oh Hyphy Juice and ghostriding the whip. In print, the removal of the hyphen from "De-hyphenation" is a contribution inspired by a particularly clever Vanderbilt Law student; it is intended to symbolize the absorption of Hyphy Juice by the cheesy bean burritos and the removal of the intoxicating effects of a drinker's prior consumption.
Niggas got 18 Dummy so early on that they had to hit up The Bell, beast seventeen cheesy beans and go through some serious de-hyphenation before hittin' the club.
by Baby Bear September 23, 2006
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