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a person originating from a far off island in the middle of the english channel, de gruchy's are known for their brute strength, amazing charm and quite hairy legs (waxing nvr helps it, trust me!). de gruchy's are also known as the people who like to stay up late, can handle their drink and can write a poem while jogging backwards resiteing the song "hero" by foo fighters over and over in a loop.
a de gruchy can also be referred to as a person of great imagination, sometimes seeing through walls and also being able to do a head-stand for about 20 minutes before passing out.
sometimes a de gruchy can be recognised by their ability to look past insults and to never give them back cause they are better than that.
a de gruchy is not so known around the world as they are an endangered group of natives but can be found on isle of jersey.
to know a de gruchy is a privalige as they can be the most trusting people on earth and respect others, so long as they understand like joey from friends , that a de gruchy DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!
"check it out, that guy/girl has the last name de gruchy, lets ask him/her for a drink"

" no, wait dont take his chip, he doesn't share food, he's a de gruchy"

" hey, de gruchy, can you resite a song backwards, say queens of stone age- go with the flow while writing a sonnet about joy ?"

"can we see your legs de gruchy?"
by dannyd35 January 29, 2012
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