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De'Ziah is a beautiful independent young woman. She will always find out how to get her way. She never let nobody get to her scenes. She is very thick. Has thick hair and make pretty kids. She is very loyal and loving. She takes her time to find her a man cuz when she do shes gonna keep him. Men if you ever find a De'Ziah... shes a keeper! Ladies you dont want to piss De'Ziah off cuz she will fight you and im telling you she fight really good.
Man 1:aye did you see De'Ziah.
Man 2:yeah she real thick.
Man 3:i wonder why she dont have a man yet.
Man 2:they say she loyal.
Man 1:she say she waiting for the right man to come along.
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A very pretty girl who loves her self some adventures. She will make you see the best in you and she is a keeper! Don't be crazy enough not to know a De'ziah and get to know them.
by lookielookieherecomesmissy February 20, 2018
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