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the surname of a family of human-dinosaur hybrids, whose genes are that of the last living dinosaur on earth.

how it happened: scientists, upon discovering the last live dinosaur chilling in Great Britain during the 20th century, took a sample of that dinosaur's dna and hybridized it with that of a human. the hybrid dna was then injected into an egg cell, which was planted into a surrogate mother, who raised the dinosaur-human child as her own.

The hybrid has a human body, with the advanced intelligence of a dinosaur. The human form enables her to mate with human males, whose dna is dominated by the dinosaur dna within the hybrid, therefore the human and hybrid reproduce dinosaur offspring. Any mate of the hybrid or her spawn is given the title of "Honorary Dinosaur" for playing a part in continuing the existence of the marvelous, thought-to-be-extinct species on planet Earth.
Dexter Rex de Rahwr is such a ladies' manosaur. I heard he knocked up at least fifteen of the chicks he slept with in Daytona last summer.

Jenkins de Rahwr is finally settling down and marrying a nice girl from Austria whom he met on Chat Roulette. Finally, we don't have to worry about his transgender troubles anymore.

Ozwald Theodore de Rahwr is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Kurtus Ruffio de Rahwr. He is currently studying psychiatry and theology at Harvard.
by psychosaur January 03, 2011
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