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The term DDRFPSMMORPG is a brand-new game type that was created on the furry army of doom chatroom. This acronym means "dance dance revolution first player shooter massive multiplayer role playing game. A game such as this would be played like grand theft autowhere the player is free to walk around the city. The camera would be able to toggle between first person and third person views. The player would be able to run around and shoot people as they please. They would also be able to run up to other players and challenge them to a DDR duel. Each missed arrow in this match would be the equivilent of being shot with the opponents current weapon of choice. This term could also be used to insult someone who is a fanboy of a certain game or a certain game genre. copyright of Rion Nipal and his player 2006*****
Me: what is your favorite kind of game
Me: <Tards out>
by RionNipal April 28, 2006
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