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1. a name for a stupid ugly rat face asian who never stops playing counter-strike and constantly spams the phrase "LOL!O!L!O!L!OLO!L!O!L!O!LLOAOO!O!L!O!L!"

2. the ultimate insult to call someone

3. A pedophile who fantasises about the chick from Harry Potter
by SuMgUy December 18, 2004
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1)- a guy who gets extremely flustered when almost anything happens

2) VARSITY SWIMMing with a massive ego
Def. 1)
Guy 1
Hey i went to the movies last night
Guy 2
What ? o my god. ok, ok. AHAh alrite shut up. Have you seen the lakersss lately?
Guy 1)
calm down, ur such a dchoi

Def 2)
Guy 1) I swam all day yesterday!!!
Guy 2) Because ur a dchoI!!!
by Magic_Dwight_HOWARD June 02, 2009
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