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1) When what you're working on is held back significantly or forever destroyed.

2) The cause of any unknown issue involving technology.

3) The solution to any unknown issue involving technology.
1) person1: "How's your progress on the project going?"
person2: "It's been dbToolkitted with the latest changes".

2) person1: "Why is my computer running slow today?"
person2: "I dunno. Dbtoolkit?"

person1: "Yeah, like they somehow removed every trace of evidence linking him to the crime, right?"
person2: "It's not that unlikely. Could just run dbtoolkit."

3) person1: "I just don't get it. This was working fine earlier this afternoon!"
person2: "Try running dbtoolkit! (troll face)"
by happyInQA October 26, 2011
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