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The DB (Drunk Bitch) hunter is a superhero whos real identity is thought to be that of a furniture salesman from Towson Maryland. He became the DB hunter on one snowy night in December at Lynchburg College in 2002(Supposedly in Tate 317 but those are unconfirmed reports). His purpose is very simple. He must hunt down all drunk freshman, and penetrate them. Whether they are sitting in their dorm rooms listening to Eminem, or hiding in the bushes waiting for a pizza, no vagina is ever dry around him. Some may call him a martyr, but I see him as an artist who instead of using a canvas to paint his masterpiece, he uses the vagina of a drunken 18 year old. His true identity is known by few, but feared and respected by many.
"Last night the DB Hunter struck his first victim, a drunk naive slut simply known as cokelove"
by Type R September 03, 2006
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