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dawk-block, -noun
1. To be proven so intellectually and morally hypocritical and inferior that it deserves its own word.

Fundie: "Hey the Unversity of Oklahoma paid to have this evilutionist Christian-hating Richard Dawkins guy spout his science propaganda at my state school!"

Some guy: "What did he say to upset you? Nobody forced you to go to it did they? Evolution is not propaganda, its merely the best explanation for what we believe to be how man came to be. Feel free to invalidate it if you have the proof. I also think Richard Dawkins is a pretty nice guy. "

Fundie: "I don't know what he said because i would never believe the garbage he says. Whoever was in charge of deciding this should be shamed and removed from their position!" Other person: "I heard he waived all fees because it was a student audience...he even donated $5000 to Oklahomans for Better Science Education. I read on Pharyngular that Ben Stein billed $60k to that same university when he spoke there."

Some guy: "Ohhhhhhh -- you just got dawk-blocked."
by anon1175 April 12, 2009
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