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A person who is a total computer geek. Oddly nerdy and athletic at the same time and as the warmest smile ever. An outstanding leader that has a way with words but he can always bite more than he can chew at times. The most adorable person that you can only meet once in a lifetime. If you have this person as your boyfriend be sure not to mention any other guys to him because he will throw on this jealous face right after and make you worry to death; An overachiever that works hard to have a guaranteed future; A loving and caring person; A worrywart; A corny, cheesy and lame person that's good at doing magic tricks; A great kisser and loves to make other people smile; A person who is already here for you when he's not there for you.
Wow, I can't believe you just pulled a David Tran.
by daitastic October 15, 2009
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