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The biggest chicken fucker from texas. He might not be gay but he'll sure as hell hold a dick in his mouth till the swelling goes down. He works at little caesers and enjoys licking the undercheese from dumplins nutsack. He also eats the booty like groceries. He has some big ole arangitan titties and only drinks chocolote milk from the utters of brown cows. He will have 3 biological black children and sooner or later adopt a baboon. He's the kind of man that would be doin a guy up the butt and not have the damn courtesy to give the man a reach around. He would rather sit on his couch and watch gay porn and "cuddle" with his poodle on a Friday night than get drunk. He enjoys getting gangbanged by big ole drunken hillbillies. Do not trust this man. He is a man of mystery.
by dumplin September 26, 2015
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