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David Peacock, otherwise just known as DAVE, is a young ape-like man who is totally obsessed with himself while also hating himself at the same time. He is often found saying such phrases as: "I am literally the most handsome man alive" or, "Why am I so bad at pulling birds!!?". When in his natural habitat, a David Peacock can be found strutting around the watering hole topless while admiring his reflection and oversized chest. Although a lovely person, David Peacock does have a distinct lack of hygiene and anyone who steps into his bedroom is immediately knocked back by the stench and visible untidiness. When communicating, David Peacock usually makes a variety of grunting noises which can translate to joy, anger or sexual frustration. If made happy, the Peacock will often make a broad cheek to cheek smile, furthermore, if he really enjoys something; he'll grab his own scrotum and giggle sinisterly to himself
Example 1.
Girl: I just met a complete david peacock}
Guy: Oh no...

Example 2.
Angus: Why is their such a mess in the sink!?
Chris: David Peacock
by connor-douglas69;) March 16, 2018
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