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A boy who is the only child of his family. The parents of the child usually spoil the child with lavish gifts. Most datrinh boys have six of everything. Six shoes, xbox's, pairs of glasses, six different macdonalds that they go to.

They're behaviour can sometimes be very irritating, one irritating behaviour is that they love to take food from people without their permission. This is one of the reasons datrinhs get punched and kicked.

Datrinhs usually weigh between 170-220 pounds and they get tired very easily. They're phobia is running a marathon. They're dream is to one day build a machine that takes them anywhere, they use their mind to control it. They dream of this because it does not require much work.

To put it, datrinhs main goal in life is to be very very FAT & LAZY. They are sometimes called "murderers" because they eat a lot. This food can be used to feed the starving in Africa.
"Man I saw that fat bastard at the McDonald's in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, British Colombia and Peehawk."

"Man, what do you call them wide-load guys?"

by gup April 27, 2005
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a person who is considered extremely fat. they have very large arms that the owner of the arms tends to put his arms in his pocket to support it. they tend to eat a lot, usually prefer expensive food. they tend to laugh when people are insluting them. reason why is that their skin is so thick that they dont realize that they're being insulted.
Jayman: this food is so nice.
G: coz ur a datrinh man.
by Master-ov April 26, 2005
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