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A combination of steps, methods, and routine patterns formulated to achieve any of the multiple goals of attraction, matchmaking, a one night stand, friends with benefits, romance, finding a mate, and possibly marriage. Live and packaged dating systems train men and women and teach the nuances of a meeting encounter. The dating system is designed to escalate the sexual tension between parties. Men who use dating systems are often called pick-up artists as they strategically go after women who are often unaware of the systematic moves the man is making (ideally both the man and woman receive mutual benefits). Terms like “Total 10” and Tier System classifies women in the dating system. Online dating services improve matches with technology but a dating system is then needed to “close the deal.” The proliferation of dating system books, courses, and training on the internet indicate the burning desire to successfully attract a member of the opposite sex.
“Wow - He’s getting massive response from women now that he implemented the dating system.”

“Someone tell him to upgrade his dating system... No way his touching my love bucket!”
by Love Bucket February 20, 2010
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