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Activities, both general and specific, that guys normally wouldn't engage in with a group of their guy friends and often times even female friends with whom they have no romantic interest in. Outside the context of dating a girl, participation in dating activities often lowers a man's masculine status among his peers. Thus they are to be avoided when not dating. Dating activities are acceptable when a guy is dating because he really has no interest in the actual activity, but his interest is in the girl and he's just participating to spend some time with her.
Sample of Dating Activities:
Chick flicks (aka dating movies when datiing)
The Notebook (movie)
Dancing (when there's no girl involved unless you are a professional dancer or performer), especially so called formals.
Shopping as a hobby or recreational activity
Dining at EXPENSIVE restaurants especially ones where the food isn't that great, but you're really just paying for the atmosphere and environment.
"Walks in the park"

Yo, Man, what are you doing this weekend?

I'm going to go dancing.

With who?


She's a fox! Alright then, have fun with your weekend dating activity.

by Doublestuff December 28, 2008
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