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Datawhore –noun. Compound word for people who collect massive amounts of data. You'll find these people always downloading off RSS/News feeds, and torrentz.

Pack rats of the digital world.
Geek1: Hey man, I have 40TB of storage on my server and it's already full.

Geek2: Dude, your such a datawhore.
by Connor 2.0 July 18, 2008
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An individual whose primary task is to enter data into spread sheets. Starring at a computer, without leaving your cubical all day.
My wife is a slave to her job; she works late and the kids don't even recognize her. she's such a data whore.
by brickmason May 22, 2009
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Datawhore Studios at it's very basic core and most simple terms is a network of users. Datawhore is a union of entrepreneurs and artists dedicated to constantly moving forward. Datawhore Studios is an online community that connects users working in video creation, developing flash and animation works, online gaming, advertising and promoting, charity events, music production, working with local bands, and organizing events.
Have you seen that new Datawhore video? It's amazing.
by Slater Helen March 16, 2007
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