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A Data Surgeon is the pup's nuts of the general population who identify as a Data Scientist. Like the medical profession, a Data Surgeon commands greater respect and salary than ordinary Data Scientists because of their 'life saving' abilities to resuscitate projects. They typically have niche specialties so aren't that useful or effective for general business problems making their cost per decision rate extremely high. Data Surgeons typically have a high opinion of their own self worth and for those that have passed puberty often support a beard of some sort. They have also been known to sniff their own farts.
Bryon: "My node in the NOSQL repository has a key value constraint encountered in the blob. The MapReduce system needs to be re-defined. I'm going into the kernel, but it may be sharded beyond my ability to redistribute the clusters. "

Kai: "Jesus Bryon don't touch it! We need to get a Data Surgeon stat ! Call 911PYTHON and I will get us some organic blueberries and a double shot-mocha-soy-latte. "
by kiwi_donut June 15, 2017
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