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The best of the best, natural born playa, usually playa-hated on.

In other words, if you carry this name, It means you.. THA SHYT.
-DAshiZNIt "Bitch, give me my money"

-Hoe "Whats yo punk ass talkin bout punk?"

-DAshiZNIt "Shut tha fuc up an give me my money cuz I'm... DASHIZNIT!"
by DAshiZNIt March 24, 2004
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The best, top dawg everyone wants 2 be Da Shiznit.
I'm Da Shiznit i'll buy ya'll carz-Malibu's Most wanted the best movie ever
by C-Lint M May 31, 2005
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Something or someone so very cool they rank above 'uber'; The very extreme of coolness and slickness.
He can drive? He's da shiznit!
by Neo Endymnion November 13, 2003
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A really shitty "player" of the online pimping game, IdlePimps.
Talks a lot of shit, as if he has a leg to stand on, but in reality is really a worthless piece of shit.
My name is DAshiZNIt and I think I am DA SHIT!
by Cool March 19, 2004
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