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A PvEvP (Player VS Environment VS Player) section found in the popular MMORPG third-person shooter, "Tom Clancy's: The Division" published by Ubisoft.

A place where players can go to seek some of the most valuable in-game rewards, all whilst having to keep an eye out for other players who may have turned rogue.

Some players only visit the dark zone for the PvP side of things as it's currently the only place in-game where you can PvP without your stats being affected by "stat-normalisation" that takes place in certain other game-modes.

Due to being a good choice of "farming" location, many players also choose to visit the dark zone strictly to participate in the PvE side of things.

However, due to all of the items available from the dark zone being "contaminated", Items must be extracted before they become available for personal use in-game.

After a player has found an item and would like to extract in the dark zone they must locate an extraction point, and once there call in a helicopter which takes 90 seconds to arrive.

Once the helicopter has arrived players then have another 60 seconds to attach their looted items to the helicopter so they can be extracted, all whilst fighting off NPC enemies that usually spawn when an extraction is called and any other real players who may or may not arrive to try and steal your looted items!
Person 1: I'm looking for insert name of desirable in-game item
Person 2: Cool - Do you want to try and farm the dark zone for it?
Person 1: No way! Last time I was in there I got my s**t stolen at the last second of an extraction.
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by NegativeRamos February 13, 2018
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