(Noun). There are no colors on the dark side of the rainbow.

(Adj) Describes bad emotion. Depression.
Guy 1:Hey there's Chuck. Why does he look so down?

Guy 2:He's on the dark side of the rainbow.
by Fenderjazzmaster October 04, 2013
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The Dark Side of the Rainbow is a perceived effect created by playing the 1973 Pink Floyd concept album Dark Side of the Moon simultaneously with the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Depending on the version of the film used (since different formats run at different speeds), parts of the film and the music appear to correspond with each other to a degree some have found surprising. The music video-like experience created by synchronizing the two is also sometimes referred to as "The Dark Side of Oz," or "The Wizard of Floyd."
Fans have compiled more than 100 moments of interplay between the film and album—including further links that occur if the album is repeated through the entire film. Some suggest, however, that people who want to try the experience for the first time do so without first reading a definitive list in order to make the event more surprising.The Dark Side Of The Rainbow is some crazy shit.
by byrddog January 26, 2006
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