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Completely and utterly amazing, really sweet and will have you thinking of how good he is to you all the time and how you probably dont deserve him. Very smart and hard working. he is really funny, and not just in the "im-only-laughing-because-you-are-cute"way. has a great taste in music and fashion. An amazingly soothing voice, so good you find yourself not wanting to end a conversation with him. he has a beautiful smile. he is open to talk to and compassionate, might have a temper from time to time but he apologizes well mannered and also very handsome, the perfect definition of beauty and brains. his personality attracts a lot of people and its hard to let go but he somehow finds a way to make you feel special.
p.s he is also "pluck-out-your-eyes" annoying but you love him anyway.
what kind of person does everyone need in life...Danjuma
by Mizmo.. March 20, 2017
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