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Any type of recipe invented, created and/or made by an individual named Dani, the recipe is not just homemade, but now categorized as Danimade. Replace 'home' with 'Dani' to show ownership from the person who in fact made this homemade recipe. The strategy can expand further into any individual claiming their homemade meal and/or recipe. For example: Look I tried a new Danimade recipe tonight, do you like my Nickimade seafood pasta?
Try this new recipe, it's Danimade.

I wish I could have a Danimade dinner tonight.

I'm going to experiment with some new Danimade recipes I found this week. Might tweak them a bit to make them Stefimade.

This is delicious, did you make it from scratch? - Yea but I didn't make it up, it's Danimade.

Is this a homemade recipe? - You bet, it's Danimade!
by danimade kitchen March 13, 2019
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