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An incompetent rascal who assigns an immense amount of assignments to his suffering students. He is titled a teacher yet none of his students regards him as such, calling him Mr is an embellishment. Anyone in his classes would suffer from intelligence loss, and that’s a fact. He believes every one of his student’s lives revolves around his class and paperwork, he grades based on favourites and fails the students he disdains, he displeases everyone. Daniel Kramer insists to have a girlfriend at the age of 40, he is most unmistakably struggling because of his thick-witted and asinine minded views. He has no demeanours and humiliates his students. Students who don’t recognize that he is an abominable moron has unquestionably been brainwashed. Nearly 50 people signed a petition to kick him from the education industry yet other staff members are oblivious to his god-awful character. He is a white nigger and should serve eternity in purgatory, he doesn’t deserve a life and is wasting food and damaging our planet be emitting carbon dioxide by moving.
Student 1: Ayo cuh, what u got 3rd block?
Student 2: Aww man, wanna skip with me and smoke some kush? i got this nigger faggot class.
Student 1: daniel kramar? i feel u bruh, imma go roll the blunt.
by Дпир May 30, 2018
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