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Dangol, also dang'ol, is a contraction of "dang" and "old".

Popularized by Boomhauer character of "King of the Hill".

It can be used as a start of a sentence, vulgarity-replacement, filler or adjective. In adjective form, it refers to anything country, hick, "yeeha".
"Those cowboy boots are really dangol"

"Dangol, I don't remember nothing about no dangol rule that says you can't dangol your cousin."
by thosemofos March 11, 2009
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1. Bad ass, sweet, cool, jive. Often used by rednecks and hill billies in a time of excitement.

2. Term used to describe something old and junked.
1. Dale-I just caught me a 3 pound largemouth bass!
Bobby-Dang Ol'!

2. I'm gonna ride that dang ol' lawnmower over to the Taco Bell.
by Matt Bonney September 26, 2008
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A phase used by jared keddy to describe either a noun, as an adjective, or when a penguin does a phat drop.
Noun - This jerk is dang ol
Adjective - This dang ol neeb is off the hizane
(Penguin jumps) "That's a dang ol!"
by oojuu June 08, 2003
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Used as an expression of semi-displeasure when dealing with an object that has an older age to it.
That dang ol' truck needs awashin'
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003
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An expression used by back-woods folk to display feelings of anger, hate, regret or anxiety. One may also hear "frick" in similar situations from said grease monkey.
Man 1: "Hey Ricky Bobby, your truck got banged up real good while we were pounding Natty Lights last night."

Ricky Bobby: "Dang 'ol man. Shit's fucked."
by Dbay82 March 30, 2011
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