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Boring, stereotypical teacher movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer or however the hell u spell it. She is a first-time teacher who starts teaching the retard class and then it dawns on her that they are too old to be reading dumbshit books for 5th graders. She talks to the teachers and they explain that she got the dumbshit class and they're not gona waste the good materials on them. So she does what every other teacher does...invades the clas's personal space by driving to their homes and speaking to their parents, settling gang fights throuh her loving words, and taking students out to dinner at a fancy restaurant where they order food like a whole roast chicken, and ball the waiter out. they eventually begin to love her (big surprise) and blah blah blah...2 kids are pulled out of the skl by their mom who thinks the teacher is a 'white bread bitch' of the smart kids gets prego and is forced to leave but michele fights bravely for her...michelle realizes that the leader of the class and also of some no-doubt ruthless gang needs her help to not die, and offers him a place in her house but he says no just like anyone would cuz that's just fuckin weird...and then he dies cuz of something to do with he knocked on the principal's door and the principal had some issue with the way he knocked, and then because of that or something stemming from that, he was killed by another gang member. and this makes michelle and the class upset.

and then (just like in every other version of this movie) ms pfeiffer or whatever her movie name is, tells them she's going to teach at some other school, adn theyre like aww no way ese or whatever manufactured slang the directors have them use, and then she's like aww ok kids I'll stay adn we'll learn til the cows come home. The End
Jimmy: Hey! I rented Dangerous Minds for us to watch.
Jonny: Um actually I have to go...somewhere.
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
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