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This is when a male has the ability to have sex with anything in the area. They will significantly drop their standards to get some sex. This is because they are carrying a dangerous sperm load that will have the man regretting his decision the next day.

Usually happens when going out at night and having a few alcoholic beverages. Can be prevented by masturbating if the feeling of a dangerous load comes across.
Guy1: I think I have a few broken ribs from riding that fat girl last night.
Guy2: Yeah, you did have a dangerous load.

Guy1: Woah, check out the hot chick that just walked in.
Guy2: Dude! Thats your sister.
Guy1: I think I might hit that tonight.
Guy2: You better go home now before you do something with that dangerous load you have.
by cunnazee December 14, 2008
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