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Where a person or group of people planning to smoke weed call the police just before they light up. They must then finish all the evidence before the police arrive or they will be arrested.

Based on the same premise as a danger wank.
Stoner1: Hey, I've got a couple of spliffs, fancy a danger smoke?
Stoner2: Yeah ok!
Stoner1: (on the phone) Hello police, I've got loads of weed lol!
Police: Holy shit! I'm coming to arrest you!

(30 mins later)

*knock knock*
Police: I've received a report of possession of illegal drugs.
Stoner1: Er... no... there's no... drugs here.
Stoner2: Nope, none.
Police: There's no evidence. I've been bamboozled!
by Dry Bones and Koop September 10, 2009
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