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...a truely amazing girl who is prettyy muchh supahh supahh flyy&&coool
her laugh is interasantee!
also known as danaffy foo freshh!
she likes to bike on busy roads//eat icee off the street.
she is just beautiful
and she likes to take picys
shes afraid of coyotes...then i rescue herrr.
and shes also afraid of mary shaw house.
&& shes mahhh best frandd:)))))

i lovee herrr!
kaffy heyy danaffy!!

danaffy heyy kaffyy isnt that balto??

kaffy duhhh i knew that from a mile away look at that puree sexinesss.

danaffy yeah hes pretty cute for a mexi.

kaffy dont be racist danaffy! he is so sexyy.
omgg yummmmyy.

danaffy haha your right sorry hes cute.

kaffy yahh haha mmmcockuhhlaka!
by Kaffy February 07, 2008
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