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This really hot baseball player that seriously has every girl drooling over him. Once he gets a girlfriend she better tie him up and lock him in the closet because there is no way his #mauldinos are going down without a fight. He is breaking hearts right and left with his gorgeous smile and country accent. Lets hope his innocence isn't just a facade and he truly is that sweet boy he comes off as. He is pretty much instagram and vine famous, he has tons of girls going after him and he has his own day! (mauldin monday) hit him up on vine, twitter, and instagram. @daltonmauldin (vine) @daltinmauldino ( and twitter) @daltonmauldin5 (instagram)
Dalton Mauldin is a very sweet viner who is sick at baseball!
She got them blue jeans...
by heyyougetbackhere February 11, 2014
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