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a technique used by male humans on cats for erotic pleasure and finally achieve climax for the man and the feline but it is more important for the man. It involves many steps from seducing to full penetration of the creature. The steps are:
1. Call the cat towards yourself, if it is resistant use something to lure it such as milk or fresh fish.
2. Gently caress the cat from the top of its skull to the beginning of its tail, repeat for a couple minutes.
3.I. If it is a male cat calmly cradle its balls and proceed to massage the testicles until it starts purring.
-After the purring begins connect your tongue with the nuts and suck upon them as if they are a delicious piece of candy.
-Next grab a hold of its penis and then masturbate the feline.
-Finally let it unload its seminal fluids over your face.
3.II. If it is a female cat lick your index finger and thumb, gently rub the vagina and the anus of the feline for a couple minutes until it starts purring.
-After the purring start the insertion of finger inside the pussy's pussy and thumb down the poophole.
-Repeat a forward and backward motion inside both holes.
-Finally let it cum abundantly inside your mouth.
4.The time has finally come to get the pleasure that you crave and deserve, take out your penis, apply spittle to it to use as a lubricant.
5. Rub the tip of your cock against the vagina or anus of the creature until it is unbearable for you not to shove inside that glorious hole.
6. Use a powerful pelvic thrust to break the unseen barrier between the outside and the inside of the animal.
7. Make love to the cat like there is no tomorrow, spin it like a top, if male cradle the balls at the same time, if female finger other hole and rub&suck the nipples.
8. After the crazy bestial sex and you are about to climax roar like a lion making the cat compare you to its powerful cousin, then unleash your manly fluid inside creating a creampie.
9. Take out your cock look at the drops coming out of the hole.
10. Finally smear any remaining semen across the cat's face and let it go about its business.
Seth: Oliver(the cat) where is time for our daily dallig, my cock craves your anus.
Oliver: meow!
<Seth grabs Oliver, runs in his room shuts the door and the fun begin...>
by -Seth von Alt- September 01, 2008
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