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To take a sport transformed by modern-day social malformations and revert back to its original roots just because you can.

I.E. Snowboarding and skateboarding have quickly become overrun with mainstream stereotypical catchons such as rap and drugs or even sponsors; to live dalikfodda is to take it back to doing it just because it was fun and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about your personal skill level or the way you dress or act or the music you listen to while doing said activity because you want to do it and living dalikfodda in said sport (I'm a skater (dalikfodda is originally a Euro snowboarder thing I adapted for American skateboarders)) will eventually increase your skill level and push other people to take it up with you because it's fun as hell and not care.

It's a way of life.
Friend: Dude, that administrator is so pissed the way you ignored her skating down the hall...
Skater: dalikfodda, bitch...

Snowboarder: Some friends and I were listening to some metal earlier while we screwed around on the slope and then these fuckin bozos busted our bubble by playin some overrated rap and were talkin shit just because they THOUGHT they were better on the halfpipe...
Other Snowboarder: What the hell, man.... what did you do about it?
Snowboarder: *snickers* This skater from down South comes up and starts thrashing to our music and quietly asks to borrow my board; he drops in the halfpipe and shreds the FUCK out of it. Said he's an amateur vert skater that hits the slopes when it cools off.
Other Snowboarder: Dude....
Snowboarder: I know, talk about dalikfodda; this guy was gnarly...
by dalikfodda_americandream March 05, 2014
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